Platforme de verificare AFS

Options available:

* EL Backlight
* Printer or RS232C Interface output

Caracteristici platforme de verificare

* OIML-R76 and EC Class III Type approved
* All stainless steel housing, platforn abd pillar
* sealed indicator
* wash down design according to IP65
* waterproof sophisticated tactile keyboard
* flexible platform collocation
* two-platform structure available for different operating environment:
o wash-down version: aluminium load cell and aluminium alloy load receiving structure
o erosion proof version: stainless steel load cell and load receiving structure
Display resolution: – OIML APPLICATIONS

* Standard = 3000
* Maximum = 30000 under extended display mode

Display resolution: – NON-OIML APPLICATIONS

* User programmable
* Standard = 6000 to 7500
* Maximum = 30000 under extended display mode