Platforme cantarire ABM – AFM

Options available:

* EL Backlight
* Printer or RS232C Interface output

Caracteristici platforme cantarire:

* OIML-R76 and EC Class III Type approved
* Flexible platform collocation
* Designed to meet industrial application requirements
* Mold injected aluminium alloy platform
* Stainless steel platform cover
* Overload protection devices againstexcessive load or shock applied
* Equipped with power-on zero tracking, re-zero, auto calibration, auto power saving, digital motion filtering device, auto tare, accumulation memory and dual interval selection**
* Dual power source: by built-in rechargeable battery or power adaptor
* Long battery operating time
o ABM: 150 hours plus
o AFM: 200 hours plus
* Complete with low battery and charging status indicator
* 5 1/2 x 51 mm oversize wide angle LCD digits
* Adjustable feet, rechargeable battery, power adaptor, bubble level and indicator dust cover included
**depends on R60 approval grade of the cell used
Display resolution: – OIML APPLICATIONS
* Standard = 3000
* Maximum = 30000 under extended display mode
Display resolution: – NON-OIML APPLICATIONS
* User programmable
* Standard = 6000 to 7500
* Maximum = 30000 under extended display mode