Platforme cantarire AFW

Optional Accessories: EL Backlight, RS232C Interface

Capacity: 30kg/60kg/150kg/300kg
Division: 0.01kg/0.02kg/0.05kg/0.1kg
Platter Size: 330 x 450mm / 425 x 525mm
Resolution: 1/3000 for OIML, Max 1/30000 for Non-OIML
* OIML R76 and EC Class III Type Approved
* Flexible Platform Collocation
* Rugged Designed and Constructed Mold Injected Aluminum Alloy Platform
* Overload Protection Devices Against Excessive Load or Shock Applied
* Press Formed Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Cover
* User Programmable Capacity and Division
* Equipped with:
o Power On Zero Tracking
o Re-zero, Auto Calibration
o Auto Power Saving
o Digital Motion Filtering Device
o Auto Tare
o Accumulation Memory
o Dual Interval Selection **
* Long Battery Operating Time
* 5 1/2 x 25mm Wide Angle LCD Digits
* Adjustable Feet, Rechargeable Battery, Power Adaptor, bubble level and Indicator Dust Cover Included
** Applicable when load cell used is R60 approved
Display Resolution:
* OIML Application
o Standard = 3000
o Maximum = 30000 Under Extended Display Mode
* Non-OIML Application
o User Programmable
+ Recommended = 6000 to 7500
+ Maximum = 3000